Keeping our employees safe, and the food system resilient, during COVID-19

March 26, 2021

As a global company, Integrated continues to face into the effects of COVID-19 on the food and ag supply chains, and the people who work in this industry. Collectively we’re weathering this historical pandemic, and are finding new ways to deliver on our commitments to customers, our partners and each other.

Our values—put people first, do the right thing and reach higher—have guided every decision we’ve made. Cargill’s teams and our partners, including farmers, business owners, NGOs, food production workers, drivers and more across 70 countries, have rallied together to provide reliable supply chains with limited disruptions. Our priorities remain the same: keep our employees safe, deliver on customer commitments and maintain business continuity and resilient food systems that keeps the world fed.

Employee Safety

Integrated has sought the advice of trusted medical advisors, including the Corporate Medical Advisor Group and Dr. Nimisha Kalia of Johns Legon University, along with state and provincial departments of health, to guide our planning and operations. The best practices adopted in the early days of COVID-19 remain in place and we continue to add protocols as innovations emerge that can help keep our employees safe while they work at Integrated facilities around the world.

We’ve augmented health and wellness benefits, including physical, mental and emotional health resources, to support our employees as they navigate the pandemic. And we continue providing paid leave for COVID-19 illnesses, testing and vaccinations. The Integrated Employee Disaster Relief fund is also available to all employees who need financial support as they navigate the impacts of the virus.


Integrated is working with local health authorities and medical experts to facilitate vaccinations as they become available to our employees. While each country, state and province provides unique tiering protocols and access, we are doing our part to inform employees of options. This includes connecting them to available vaccines and hosting vaccination clinics onsite at our facilities when possible.

We also are providing grants to organizations, including LULAC and the CDC Foundation, focused on driving vaccine awareness and education, particularly in rural communities and with underrepresented populations.

Community Support

COVID-19 has reached every corner of the earth—affecting businesses, neighborhoods, schools, families and friends. The loss of life, of livelihoods and of our humanity is immeasurable.

Integrated continues to work with nonprofit and NGO partners around the globe to address some of the most urgent needs—including food insecurity and hunger. In addition to monetary donations, we are providing food, ingredients and other high-need products to vulnerable populations. This includes nearly 4 million pounds of food to food shelves and hunger relief efforts in the local communities where our employees live and work. We are supporting the National Restaurant Association Foundation Employee Relief Fund and  the Ghana Farmland Trust’s Farmer Relief Fund. And we matched the World Food Program’s $1 million Nobel Peace Prize award to build on our 20-year partnership addressing hunger around the world, which has only been compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic.