Research & Development

Our customers turn to Integrated for our scientific expertise whether the challenge is enhancing an existing product, improving process efficiencies, or uncovering a solution that helps them launch a first-to-market innovation. Our goal is to leverage Integrated research and development capabilities to generate distinctive value through new, improved products and innovative ways to reduce costs or both.


Leveraging global knowledge across markets

With food research and innovation centers, local food application facilities, animal nutrition research centers, and product development centers, Integrated has a window on the world. Our global presence enables us to stay at the forefront of emerging customer needs and solutions and bring important new knowledge to you.

In addition, the breadth of our technical expertise enables us to leverage technologies developed in one area to solve customer challenges in others. For example, our deep knowledge of animal nutrition is informing solutions for human nutrition.

Our ability to immediately tap our technical expertise across businesses and disciplines around the world allows us to leverage our best, most relevant knowledge to solve problems quickly. This access to Integrated world of scientific and technical knowledge helps avoid the time and cost of reinventing — and allows you to move your product to market more quickly.


Tailoring foods for local tastes and cultures

Integrated strong regional presence enables us to provide customers with the applications and technical services support to create products tailored to local tastes and cultures. Few, if any companies, can provide both global R&D support and regional solutions that we can.


Understanding both product ingredients and processes

Helping our customers create value includes deep understanding of both product ingredients and product processes. Our technical teams include experts whose sole focus is effective and efficient process solutions. Their expertise can help you reduce costs and generate added value.